Match Report
Ellesmere College 1st XI Girls vs  Moreton Hall
On: Wednesday, 17 Apr 2024
Venue: at Home

Moreton Hall won the toss and elected to field.

Ellesmere College bat fist.

Due to time restraints we did not have sufficieint time to allow Moreton to play a full 4 overs per pair (as Ellesmere had done in the first innings). Therefore, Moreton played 2 overs per pair.

Matching the scores, like for like - Ellesmere won:

E.College - 61 for 3

M.Hall - 27 for 3

Notable performance from bowlers:

D.Cooke - maiden on the 9th over and only conceded 1 run on the 14th

H.Cooke - maiden on the 10th over.

K.Mellor - only conceded 1 run on the 13th over.

E.Richardson - Rutter - on 2nd over - wicket and only conceded 1 run. Wicket on 4th over.